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How It Works

Writing a Will is one of the most important part of succession planning. You spend your entire life making money hoping that your family members will get their fair share once you are gone.By writing a Will, you are making sure that everyone in the family gets their fair share as per YOUR wishes. Many people think that writing a Will is for the Old. But, unfortunately we don't know when we are going to pass away. We all know that the day will come, but not sure when. Similar to taking an insurance, we should also make it a practise to write a Will. A Will, once written, can be updated as many times as you want in future. So there is nothing stopping you from writing your Will NOW!!  If you pass away without a Will, it could take many months or even years before your legal heirs can access your assets. Absence of a well-drafted Will is the primary reason for most of the property disputes within a family. 

When someone wants to write a Will, the main problem they face is where to start and whom to trust. The dilemma that they face is, if they go to an advocate known to the family they fear that the content of the Will can be disclosed to other family members. People always find it difficult to understand the jargons used by advocates in the Will and so not quite sure if they got what they wanted as they do not fully understand the Will. Almost all other online Will writing sites in India are simply printing your answers in a template without any checks and hence there is no guarantee that the Will you got is what you actually wanted. We, at WillGuru have made the process of writing a Will simple and easy from the comfort of your home. Your Will goes through a 6-eye check before it is ready for you to download. Our legal experts make sure that your Will is 100% legal.

Four Simple Steps that make your Will

WillGuru provides support at every step of the way. You will be allocated a caseworker whom you can contact throughout the process if you have any questions.

Enter your details

Just answer a few simple questions and let us create your Will. Filling the form usually takes less than 20 minutes.

Legal Experts review

Our legal experts will review your Will to make sure everything is okay and contact you if required.

Print & Sign

You will receive an email once your Will is ready. Log in and print your Will. Sign your Will in the presence of two independent witnesses.

Store Safely

Store it in a place where your executor can find your Will.

Why should I use WillGuru to prepare my Will?

  1. The service at willguru.in is significantly better than a blank form WILL kit that you can buy on Amazon or eBay. These blank kits do not check for errors, allow you to do things you are legally not allowed to do, and rarely cover backup scenarios. They are actually the most difficult way to prepare a well-drafted Will.
  2. Many or all of the online Will writing service providers currently in India are simply collecting your details and printing it in a pre-existing word template without even doing any basic checks.
  3. You should always remember that a Will will be active only AFTER your death and you will not be around to correct a mistake or give more clarity to your Will and hence it is very important to have your Will drafted with an expert like WillGuru.
  4. We provide the same quality documents as an estate-planning solicitor – often word-for-word identical. We've just adapted it to make it easier to understand and give you direct access to it. Therefore, you can create a solicitor grade Will, but from the comfort of your own home at less than a tenth of the price.
  5. We are the ONLY providers in India who do a six-eye verification of your Will which is not currently matched by any other Will writers in India – either online or offline.
  6. We have introduced India’s first tamper-proof Will.
  7. You have the option to keep the Will in our safe custody free of charge.
  8. You also can update your Will for life at a heavily discounted price. 
We are the ONLY providers in India who do a six-eye verification of your Will which is not currently matched by any other Will writers in India – either online or offline.
  • Our auto algorithm will check for issues and highlight them to the primary caseworker.
  • A primary caseworker will go through the Will in detail and look into the pros and cons of your Will and the possibility of it getting challenged in future. Any minor issues will be corrected at this stage. If any major flow is found, the caseworker will contact you directly to inform you about the potential issue. Once the caseworker is satisfied with the Will, he/she will approve it for final legal advisor review.
  • Legal advisor review is done by senior solicitors who have decades of experience in the field. Once the legal advisor approves the Will, it will be ready for you to download. This process could take anywhere between 2 days to a week depending on the complexity of the Will.