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Thank you for choosing to participate in the referral scheme @ WillGuru.

WillGuru is one of the leading Will writing site in India. We are the only one in India to offer:

  • A tamper proof will
  • 6-eye check (which is comparable to 3 experts reviewing your Will)
  • Free secure WILL storage options
  • Secure offline servers to store your data
  • Free updates for 30 days
  • Unlimited updates for life at heavily discounted rates upto 80%

If you are able to refer your friend or family to WillGuru, you are helping them to make one of the most important succession planning decisions in their life. As a thank you for referring us, we would like to offer you a referral bonus for every successful referral you make. The rates vary depending on the promotional offer at the time of your registration. ​

You can track the progress of your referee and payments through your dashboard.

Currently we are offering a discounted rate of 10% to anyone joining using your referral ID. Once the payment is made, you will receive a referral bonus of 20% of the amount paid. This offer is temporary and we reserve the rights to withdraw this offer at any time without further notice.

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Frequently asked questions

What is WillGuru referral?

Our referral program gives an oppurtunity for others to be part of our mission of succession planning for all. This is an affliate program where you will be allocated a referral code which You can give to any of your refree's. If any of your referees use your code before making payment(in the payment page) they will get a special discount on the price and you will get a referral bonus for every successful referral who made the payment using your referral code.

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How can i join the willguru referral program?

You can join the referral program by registering with your details in you provide your detaa=ils, amail will be sent to your email id to confirm your email address. Our team will check if we have all the details we need and if required we will contact you. Once we approve your referral request you will receive a mail from us with details of your referral code.

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Do i need to pay willguru to join the referral program?

No.At any point in time, WillGuru or any of its team members or affliates will never ask for any money from your end.If you ever receive a call asking for money and claiming from WillGuru, please do Not make any payment as this will not be a genuine call made by WillGuru.

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What will be my referral payment on a successful referral?

This depends on the offer available at thetime of your joining. The referralpayment yu willreceive based on any successful referral will be in yur confirmation email once we approve your referral application. You will also be able to see this in the Dashboard once you log in.

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